Enjoy the Privilege

Open to the general public, FIREARMS Gun Club caters to those who demand a richer, more complete experience through a wide variety of Memberships ranging in price and amenities. In addition to the finest shooting range, you receive unprecedented access to an impressive suite of personal options that make all the difference in the world.

With an impressive, relaxing environment, members and guests are treated to the finer points of the sport. Always greeted on a first name basis, each member enjoys a certain prestigious experience across the board. It’s a place you deserve to be.

The Firearms Memberships

All memberships include free firearm add-ons to your CCW and free CDC off-duty requalification.

Platinum Membership

  • 3 full memberships (3 people)
  • Unlimited shooting
  • Unlimited gun rentals*
  • Includes 24 guest passes per year
    (a $360 value)

Gold Membership

  • Unlimited shooting for 1 person
  • 1 gun rental per visit*
  • Includes 12 guest passes per year
    (a $180 value)

Silver Membership

  • Unlimited shooting for 1 person
  • Includes 6 guest passes per year
    (a $90 Value)

Law Enforcement & Military

We stand beside those who protect our community and our country!
In addition to waiving our initial, one-time fees, you will enjoy certain other FIREARMSary privileges that highlight our commitment to you and your service to others. Competition is also healthy here. Members are treated to special, one-of-a-kind events catered specifically to encourage a spirit of camaraderie.

Special Discounts

Heroes Discount

Seasoned Shooter

Corporate Discount

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